Best Practice Statement


VeriMe is committed to ensuring accurate and anonymised age verification technologies for both its clients and its customers.




       To maintain a strong commitment to data protection.

       To maintain technical and compliance standards.

       To adhere to the Age Verification Providers Association standards of practice

       To develop and expand our technology offerings to retain our position of a leading technology provider for anonymised age verification.

       To employ and nurture technical talent of the highest standards, ensuring that our applications are innovative, efficient and accurate.




       To ensure transparency and openness between clients and service users.

       To submit our systems and technology and infrastructure of independent auditing by ISO accredited auditors to ensure best practice.

       To respect the customerís right to anonymity.

       To partner only with recognised legal entities who meet their sectors standards of regulatory practice.


Quality Policies


Our systems are independently audited on a monthly basis to ensure they are operating correctly and the verifications are maintaining accuracy. Our internal systems are hosted in secure environments and any data retrained is secured in an encrypted format. Our technologies are managed and monitored under PCI DSS certification to ensure system integrity and security. Additionally, we are active members of the AVPA ( and also the DPA ( which operates within Westminster and is heavily involved in the internet of harms legislation committed to providing a safer internet for our country.


Date: 10/02/2021